Land Acquisition

A Leading Developer

American Communities is a leading developer of affordable and market-rate housing in California. Recently, we have closed several escrows on urban and rural/suburban sites throughout the state to develop multi-family apartments.

Land Acquisition Criteria

Mulit-Family and Senior Housing

The emphasis of American Communities is the rental Multi-Family and Senior housing segment, along with low to moderate-income ‘for-sale’ condominium, and zero lot line single family homes. American Communities is consistently among the highest recipients of Federal Tax Credits in California.

Land: 20,000 SF (infill) to 25 acres (B or C locations)
Zoning: R3, R4, C1, C2, C3, C4, CM
Locations: Throughout Southern California and located in Redevelopment, Federal Renewal, Empowerment or Enterprise Zones.
Other Land Interest: Industrial land located in Transit-Oriented Districts

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